A beautiful website as easy as 1-2-3.

Your website is home in the online world. Your place to connect with people, tell them who you are and what you do.

Our priorities: 1) To build a website that tells the story of what makes you, your company, brand or studio unique, special and different 2) To help your story build new relationships, find new clients and make new sales for you. 3) To make designing and and building your site an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

With a custom site build out in exactly 3 weeks and a dedicated and masterful team, we can show you how growing your business online can be something you actually look forward to. 

Our Offerings

$5,900 $6,200 $6,800
TRAINING1.5 hrs1.5 hrs1.5 hrs

How It Works

1. Introductory Meeting

Hi, my name is Erin - founder of EM Workshop. I'll be your guide throughout the whole 3 Week Website process. To kick things off, you and I will meet for an easy 30 minute call to talk about you, your business and everything you want to get out of your new site. We'll review all the offerings, select the platform that is best for your business (Squarespace or Shopify), answer any questions you might have and decide if The 3 Week Website is right for you. 

2. Scheduling + The Fine Print

Once we have selected the right offering package (S,M,L) we will select the month that best suits your schedule to complete the work. In order to be fully committed to my clients, I only take on 1 website project per month. After the date is set and we have a verbal agreement, I will send along a contract and information about submitting the initial 25% deposit to hold your spot. 

4. Get Started

When the legal stuff is sorted, the fun will begin! Upon receipt of your initial deposit you will receive The 3 Week Website Kit. This includes checklists, worksheets and other planning materials that will help us to make building your site a cakewalk that brings clients to the door. There will be some materials that you will be expected to complete prior to your start date - its VERY important that you stick to the deliverable schedule because if you come unprepared, we can't make exceptions or extend the timeline. 

5. Week One - Strategy + Planning

Week 1 is all about your brand, your story, how you want your customers to feel and more importantly what you want them to do when visiting your site. . We review the completed worksheets, content you have gathered and develop our site plan and website branding strategy. 

6. Week Two - Design + Build

This week, our team will take all of the website copy, content and photos and build out the Squarespace or Shopify site as planned. There may be some questions along the way so its important that you make yourself available via email or phone. 

7. Week Three - Edit, Edit, Edit

For the third and final week, it is all about making tweaks and edits to the site. You review what we've built and give feedback or suggest as many changes as you wish by the Thursday evening deadline. Your ability to commit to this week is super important because once the week is over, the site is live! So be as diligent as you can by responding promptly to emails and being available for feedback as much as possible. 

8. Training + Launch

The Thursday before your site launch, I will schedule a 1.5 hour training sessions for us to review the basics of managing your site and go over anything that might be specific to your site design. The session will be recorded so you can always reference it at a future date. The next morning, Friday, we will flip the switch and get your site live! Let the celebrations begin. 


These days, tools like Squarespace and Shopify have made building and managing your own website easier than ever. But if you are new to working with a content management system it can quickly get frustrating. Plus, there are lots of little things that you might not think to do or forget. For example: integrating with your email lists and payment processors, linking your domain name, connecting to google analytics, indexing your website, etc. And even though you can read blogs, watch video tutorials and learn everything yourself - that means more time in front of your computer screen and less time at your in your studio, leading classes, talking to clients, enjoying the outdoors or walking the dog (poor Fido!). Myself, and my expert partners, have years of experience in digital design, ecommerce and content management. It's our mission to provide clients with a completely stress-free, no-hassle and fun experience.  

We can't wait to hear all about the big things you have a planned!
Let's work together and get you up and running in the digital world. 

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How many Pages + Products are included?

Each offering has a maximum number of pages and or products that can be built as part of this project. You are always welcome to create and edit your own pages down the road.

Are Integrations and Embedded Content included?

Integrations allow you to connect your website to information or services hosted on other apps, for example, Mailchimp. All options include set up and connection to Mailchimp. Additional integration requests (for example MindBody, Acuity Scheduling, Spotify) for the M and L offerings should be reviewed during the introductory call.

Can you help me move content over from my old site?

Content migration is available from Wordpress, Tumblr and several other platforms. Any content migration from an old site to your new site should be reviewed during our introductory call.

I'm interested in the 3WW but I'm not sure that my needs fit into the offerings I see above.

If you've reviewed all the options above but feel like you are in need of something a little smaller or a little larger, feel free to set up a call with me and we can discuss what might be the best fit for you.