We Rise By Lifting Others

This post originally appeared on Arrive Well and is a story inspired by my good friend, Renée, in honor of International Women's Month. 


Raise your hand if you can walk into your bathroom and find some unused shampoos, makeup, nail polish, or personal care items lying around? If you’re like me, you probably have way more than you need hiding in the great depths of ‘Under The Sink’ or ‘In the Back Of The Drawer’. All of the leftovers from the Birchboxes, the free samples with purchase, the hotel room shampoos that you steal “for the guest bathroom!” -  Am I right? I thought so. 

A friend recently commented that my bathroom looked like a Sephora Pop-Up shop...

While my initial gut reaction was to say thanks, I quickly realized they had just written me a great big Reality Check. That very innocent comment coupled with my recent discovery of Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (yes, I finally read it)... I was at risk of a guest appearance on Hoarders and clearly, it was time for a change.

As my “Konmari” Quest for Inner Bathroom Zen unfolded, I saw an abundance of shampoo’s, mascaras, body creams, small tubes of toothpaste, nail polishes and eye color pallets slowly becoming a scale version of Mount Everest outside my bathroom door. I glanced over with a sigh and thought “What do I do now??” - Hail the almighty Google! 

I typed in “where to donate unused cosmetics,” and Project Beauty Share appeared.

Project Beauty Share is an incredible organization that will take your unused (or even used cosmetics—as long as it fits within their guidelines on what to give) and distributes these items to nonprofit organizations “who serve women overcoming homelessness, addiction, and poverty.” 


I know and you know, that inner beauty is the most beautiful of all, though there is always something to be said for that feeling you get when you wear red lipstick

We want all women to feel beautiful, empowered and ready for the next great adventure in life. We rise by lifting others. Donate your unused products to give a fellow female a little extra shine and sparkle.

Mail Unused Products To: 
2718 E. Sprague
Spokane, WA 99202