Community Spotlight: Shukie Yoga


I first met Farihah during our Strala Yoga 300+ Hour Leadership training in NYC. Since then, she’s been supporting her community both online and IRL through grounding yoga classes, crafting the most comforting, soul-nourishing recipes (you have to try her Chai Tea!) AND to boot by day, she's making the world a safer place as an Engineer! She has a refreshing sense of humor and is a ton of fun to work with. Read on to learn more!


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In Her Own Words

“I always wanted a little corner on the internet that belonged to me, that virtually made up everything I wanted to share with the world. I constantly went back and forth on this idea thinking that it was just too hard to do on my own. Luckily I met Erin at the right time. I was just starting out at as a yoga guide after my first teacher training, getting back into food photography and recipe development after taking a 4-year hiatus, and I was constantly writing my life into stories for the public eye. I wondered: how was all this going to fit into a little corner?

Not only does Erin have amazing technical skills as a web developer but being a yoga guide and wellness junkie herself she knows a thing or two about how to make health and wellness websites shine. When I saw her portfolio of other sites she's designed I knew I wanted her help to design mine. And last but not least she is kind, encouraging, and genuinely wants her clients to succeed in whatever they are pursuing.

I am a yoga guide, recipe developer, and writer based in NJ. I've always been passionate about health and wellness and those three things have been my way of connecting to and taking charge of my own physical, emotional, and mental health! Now I strive to help others do the same through guiding yoga classes, developing fun and healthy recipes, and of course, writing about things that make us really think about our lifestyle and happiness.

Currently, I am working on creating yoga video tutorials so more people from all over the world can practice with me. They will consist of slow flows, restorative yoga, and yin yoga since those are my favorite ways to practice. I am also developing more recipes for a cookbook I'm writing. Stay tuned!”

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