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How To Choose Your Best Website Domain Name

For some, the task of choosing a domain name can quickly grow from a simple checkbox on your to do list, into an incredibly daunting decision. After all, this is where people are going to find you on the web! By the end of this post, you’ll know: What is a Domain Name, Where Can You Purchase A Domain Name, The Do’s and Dont’s Of Choosing A Great Domain Name, What To Do If The Domain Name You Want Isn’t Available, What To Avoid When Choosing Your Domain Name, How Much Your Domain Name Impacts You On Google Search. Let’s Get To It!

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How To: Create A Table In Squarespace

While the superpowers of Squarespace can feel infinite, a handful of their tools require a little extra effort to set up. Tables are one of these things. Tables come in handy when organizing information visually and make it easy for clients and customers to read through information.

In this post, you'll find steps by step instructions and video guidance for how to design and add a custom table in Squarespace without having to worry about writing any code. 

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