Community Spotlight: Rae Broderick


In this week’s community spotlight, I’ll be introducing you to my friend and mentor, Rae Broderick. Once a month-ish, we connect on the phone and catch up about life, how it feels to run a business, things that are making us laugh, things that are frustrating, myths we tell ourselves about food, reflections on my latest Gilmore Girls binge, and how the heck to build a nourishing, long-term relationship with yourself.

I just got off the phone with her this morning and was feeling so empowered by our conversation, that I felt it wise to share with you! After all, together we grow! 🎉

Rae lives in Woodstock, NY, probably most well known for the 1970’s music festival (which wasn’t actually IN Woodstock) , but is also home to some fantastic food joints, local shops, artworks and people. I first met Rae when she was working and guiding classes at Strala Yoga in NYC (now based in Park City, UT). Since then, she’s co-starred in a film that was awarded placement in several international film festivals, opened a yoga studio, runs a successful wellness coaching and astrology business, Root Yoga + Wellness, and just hosted her first Retreat in Ireland this past April which was a bright and vibrant success.

Her friendly smile and approachability has earned her the nickname “Rae of Sunshine”, and I will say from experience that she puts on an absolutely lush “Raelax” class (follow her on instagram to stay tuned into her class schedule). The thing about Rae though, is no matter where you meet her, on the subway, on instagram, over the phone - you always feel the presence of her fullest self. Her attention is there, with you, completely and fully. Authenticity is one of my 2 core values, and Rae really rings home for me what it means to be connected and living true to yourself.

We talk a lot about being Real and what it means in business and in life. Rae is always a great voice of comfort and confidence when it comes to moving with and around obstacles, below you’ll find a few themes she’s inspired me to explore further. I’d love to hear your thoughts too! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Musings on Life and Business

  1. What Energy Are You Bringing To The Room?

    We’ve all had that experience with a friend, boss or client where they walk into the room, in a bad mood and poof! now you’re in a bad mood too. I know this as I trend a bit more on the empathetic side so this happens to me really easily. The energy we carry around with us percolates into the people and environments around us, as well as the experiences we have.

  2. Quality Vs. Quantity

    You don’t need to have 10,000 followers to make a connection with someone and help them in a very real emotional, physical or spiritual way. As Rae told me “There would be days when I’d have 20 people in my class, and others when I’d only have 2. But, you don’t know what those two people had to go through to arrive at the studio. They came all this way to be with me. So, my take was always if they were going to show up for me, I was going to show up for them.”

  3. Weeding Your Garden

    This one is probably one of the hardest but most important. The people, projects and thoughts that you give space to in your life will directly influence your energy, resilience and success. Be mindful of who and what you give your time, attention and energy too and be sure, especially in a professional environment, that you are receiving as much nourishment as you are giving.

  4. Coming Back To Center

    Somedays it might feel like we’re totally killing it and moving things forward and attracting all of the good things, other days will feel like “Shit, it’s not working”. If you find yourself having a rough day, in a bit of a mess, or a mental sludge and things don’t seem to be moving forward for you - try to take some weight off of your shoulders where you can and find a little wiggle room. A good quote Rae reminded me of: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.” - John Lennon.

  5. Becoming A Chef

    When it comes to authenticity, this was my favorite topic from our chat. It started as a conversation about different yoga styles, but morphed into a metaphor about how, as a Chef, you may be trained in a particular style of cooking. But then, as your life expands, you travel and discover a new cuisine that totally blows your mind - so you merge those influences with your training and it morphs into something completely unique and your own. Craft your products and services as a Chef would craft a dish in their restaurant. Infuse your own unique experiences and perspectives into your work and celebrate the things that make you, You. Rae does this with so much grace through her wellness coaching experience, Elemental Healing. The program is so uniquely her own in form, combining supportive elements from a variety of modalities, all tailored to your preferences and unique personality. She provides so much space for you to reach your goals in your own way, through your own flow, with her as a steady companion along for the ride.

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