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April 30 -
Space Camp Early Bird
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April 26 -
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Mindset To Magic
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May 1 -
The Work Collaboration
A community based, weekly
co-working group at
The Great Room in Brooklyn
Wednesdays, 12:00 - 1:45pm
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"Just like the way she guides Stråla yoga classes, she showed me that this project wasn't just about my goal but the process to make it come to life. My website became more than I could have dreamed of myself but Erin's creative eye, knack for building, and caring guidance made the experience approachable and fun. " - Kristine Mahan, Function of Well

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EM WORKSHOP IS A website DESIGN and creative COMMUNITY based in brooklyn, New York. Est. 2017




Meet Erin. Founder of EM Workshop, Squarespace Expert and former Principle Business Consultant at one of the top ecommerce agencies in the world. During her climb up the corporate ladder, she realized that big budgets and hefty amounts of red tape were not allowing her to support her clients in the way that she wanted to - as a true strategic and creative partner. 

So she jumped off the ladder.

Say hello if you are a small business trying to navigate the digital world and looking for someone who can empower and support you while making it easier than ever for you and your customers to find each other and build a relationship.

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