Meet Erin


Squarespace expert, design enthusiast, illustrator, Strala yoga guide and former Principle Business Consultant at one of the top interactive agencies in the world.

During her climb up the corporate ladder, she realized that big budgets and hefty amounts of red tape were not allowing her to support her clients and customer in the way that she wanted to - as a true strategic and creative partner. So she jumped off the ladder.

Nowadays, she owns and runs EM Workshop. A community for small business owners to find support and inspiration while managing their business online.


At EM Workshop, we…


…support each other with mutual respect.

…are constantly radiating our moonbeams and sunrays of good energy, gratitude and kindness to our friends, family, and those we work with.

…embrace the creative process, with all of its flaws and hiccups. We celebrate every step along the way!

…believe everyone has something unique to offer the world, and we want to help them share it in their most authentic way.

…believe in abundance.

…celebrate the power of design thinking to spark innovation and solve problems.

…remind everyone to soak in as much of ze Nature as they can.

…believe some parts of the 90’s should really just live on forever (Scrunchies, Third Eye Blind, Non-Existence of Cellphones, etc).